Oh! Hello there!

I know you’re thinking, “She has ANOTHER website?” Short answer… Yes.

Longer answer… I do a LOT of crafting. I like learning new things. It keeps my brain young. So the purpose of this site is to let you see what I’ve been working on, what I’m failing miserably at, and what I’ve managed to successfully create.

Am I trying to sell you things? Short answer… No.

Longer answer… a lot of the things that I make will be available on my MakerPlace site. I’m not looking to get rich or make a living from crafting, but I also want to make enough money to replace the supplies that I use to make art. And also, my kids seriously don’t want to deal with all this stuff when I’m gone. So go check out the Creations by Kimmerly Storefront and save my children from the aggravation of sorting through all my crafts.

Using AI in Artwork

I love MidJourney. Love. Love. Love it. From the first image I ever made (not this one) through every revision and iteration of the program, I have become more and more enamored with it. Do I realize there are ethical issues? Yes. I created a whole website devoted to it. But there are so many useful applications. If good people don’t step up and take the reigns, the bad guys will win. I promise to ALWAYS tell you when you’re looking at something that was generated or altered using AI. You have my word.

Now go look at some of my favorite AI art!

Downloadable Files

Here’s where you’ll find the cool things you saw and that you want to download! See something sorta something similar to something you might want but you need something else? Send me an email and let me know what you are looking for!

Change your desktop wallpaper for football season! Drag your program icons and file icons to the blank spaces and stay organized. All the 2023 game dates for the UGA Bulldogs are preloaded for your, convenience!