Chicago Bears Lease Agreement

The Chicago Bears Lease Agreement: An Overview

The Chicago Bears have been a staple of the NFL for over a century, and their home field at Soldier Field is a legendary venue in the sports world. However, the team`s lease agreement with the city of Chicago has been a topic of contention for years, as both parties have struggled to find common ground.

In 2002, the Bears signed a lease agreement with the Chicago Park District, which owns Soldier Field, that runs through 2033. The agreement outlines the terms of the team`s use of the stadium and includes provisions for revenue sharing, maintenance of the facility, and other important details.

One of the most contentious aspects of the Bears` lease agreement is the revenue sharing arrangement. Under the terms of the agreement, the team is required to share a portion of its revenue with the city of Chicago and the Park District. However, the exact percentage of revenue sharing has been a source of disagreement between the two parties.

In recent years, the Bears have argued that the revenue sharing arrangement is unfair and that they should be allowed to keep more of their revenue. The team has pointed to other NFL teams that have negotiated more favorable lease agreements with their respective cities as evidence that their current arrangement is outdated and uncompetitive.

The city of Chicago and the Park District, on the other hand, have argued that the Bears are already receiving significant benefits from the lease agreement, such as access to a world-class stadium and the opportunity to generate revenue from events other than football games. They have also noted that the lease agreement was signed with the understanding that revenue sharing would be a key component of the arrangement.

Another area of concern for the Bears has been the maintenance of Soldier Field. The team has argued that the Park District has not done enough to keep the stadium in good condition, which has resulted in problems such as leaking roofs and inadequate locker room facilities. The Bears have called for more investment in the stadium, both to improve the fan experience and to protect the team`s investment in the facility.

Overall, the Chicago Bears lease agreement is a complex and contentious issue that is likely to continue to be a source of tension between the team and the city of Chicago. As the lease approaches its expiration date in 2033, both parties will have to work together to negotiate a new agreement that is fair and beneficial for all involved.